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PP PE Plastic Pelletizing Plant in Japan

This is the trial run of a 600 kg/hr PP PE plastic pelletizing line in Japan. This…

Densified Plastic PP PE Material Pelletizing Line

This is a trial run of our 500 kg/hr PP PE densified material pelletizing line for a…

PP/PE Plastic Floating Separation Tank

PP/PE sink / float separation tank uses water as a medium to separate materials via densities. This large tank is filled with water which has a density of 1 g/cm3.

Plastic Film Squeezer

This plastic film squeezer is used for drying washed pp/pe plastic films and non-woven bags.

New Style Friction Screw Washer / Washing Machine

This type friction washer/washing machine is specially design for plastic flakes or film such as PET/PP/PE/HDPE flakes, PP/PE film, woven bags, rubber and so on.

Air Separator

The function of air separator is to remove lightweight and small items such as paper and plastic from the material stream.

Centrifugal Dryer

The centrifugal dryer uses centrifugal or “spinning” force to remove a portion of the water from plastic flakes.

Disk Separator

This disk separator is a specially designed machine to separate smaller material or bigger material from a mixture of materials.

Thermal Dryer

Description ASG’s thermal dryer is an excellent way to remove moisture through dehydration. Specially designed for our…

New Style Sink Float Separation Tank

This tank is designed to operate like three normal floating tanks as the material is washed 3 times.

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