Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


We get it, purchasing recycling machinery is a huge investment and you want the highest quality machines that are efficient, durable, and reasonably priced. We highly recommend you ask us as many questions as you can think of and we’ll answer them patiently. However, before you get making a list of questions, below are a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive and their respective answers.

We’re a factory with more than 30 years experience manufacturing machinery.

Amstar Machinery is located in Zhangjiagang, an administrative region of Suzhou that is part of the Jiangsu Province in China. We’re situated is the largest and most advance industrial zone for manufacturing recycling machinery in China.

Here’s our factory address:

No.1 Jinnan Road, Jinfeng Town,
Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu, China

Our factory was established in 1986.

Our industrial park spans approximately 30,000 square meters with three large manufacturing buildings.

We have over 300 employees.

Yes, we’d love for you to come for a visit!

Investing in recycling machinery is expensive so you’ll want to make sure the factory you plan to purchase from has strong capabilities. There’s no better way then to visit the factory and see first hand.

Take a flight to Shanghai, China to either the Hongqiao (SHA) or Pudong (PVG) airport. Our driver and your corresponding sales team member will be waiting for you at the exit gate to bring your to our factory. It takes approximately 90 minutes to drive to our factory.

If you’re already in China, one of the most convenient ways to arrive at our factory is by riding the high speed train to Zhangjiagang City Station. Let us know your schedule so we can arrange for a pick up.

You can check out our offices and meet our sales team. These are the same people that will offer the highest level of customer service and after service to you and your company.

Check out our recycling machinery and washing lines in person. You’ll notice that just based on visual inspection, our machinery offers superb workmanship compared to our neighboring factories that offer similar equipment.

See a test run of our washing line. Before shipping out our recycling machinery, we test each piece including complete washing lines within our factory.

Having more than two decades of experience developing recycling machinery, Amstar Machinery has refined our production methods offer only the highest quality machines made from the highest quality parts. We know this is easier said then done, however, a close comparison our our machinery from other manufacturers will show large differences design, material thickness, workmanship, and the use of name brand motors and reducers.

Due to the fierce competition in recycling machinery, many have cut on production costs such as using lower grade steel different than what’s written on the contract, cheaper motors & bearings, and all together thinner walls on each piece of machinery they manufacture. It’s a shame for buyers that purchase these lower grade equipment as there are many fundamental issues with durability. While these machines work well during initial usage and testing, it’s a disaster waiting to happen for those interested in long run operations cost.

As plastic recycling is very demanding on the machinery, high grade parts are a necessity that cannot be overrated. We’ve had customers that purchased machinery that fell apart just several months into operation. When complaining to the original manufacturer, replacement parts took several months to arrive which was detrimental to the plants entire operation.

At Amstar Machinery, we understand that time is an important aspect for recycling plants. Any downtime can result in thousands of lost dollars. Hence, to save you money in the long-run, we use only the highest grade materials to ensure our machinery keeps running year after year.

We’re a honest manufacturer. We never promise more than we can provide. We don’t cut corners and try to save on production costs. It’s our motto and it’s this motto that has made us successful.


Below are a list of frequently asked questions about our ordering process.

The first step is to contact us regarding the type of equipment you require and if you have additional requests for custom specifications. Learn more about ASG’s ordering process.

Our standard lead time for individual machines is 30 days after the signing of the contract and paying a deposit.

For complete solutions, the lead time is generally between 60 – 90 days.

For custom projects, the lead time will be specified on the contract.

Our recycling machinery will pass CE certification and will just require additional filing of documents. We actually have a lot of experience filing for this. Let us know if you require any other certification for using our machinery in your country.

Absolutely! Our machines are manufactured according to the standards of the country where it will be serviced.

As shipping rates, currency, machine specifications, and safety requirements differ from one country to another, we do not offer any quotations on our website and brochure. For detailed quotations, please contact us.

Of course, we warrant all machines and parts to be free from defect for 1 year. For more information, check out our official warranty statement.

Yes, all of our machines and turnkey recycling plant solutions are very well documented. If you have any questions regarding the machines after receiving them, just contact us for help!

Yes, the machines and complete recycling plants we manufacture are fully tested before they are packaged for delivery. We welcome you to visit our factory during the live testing of your machines. If you are unable to be present, we can schedule a video conference call during the testing session or send you a recorded video afterwards.

Yes, we offer an installation package with each of our recycling machines sold. Our certified electrical engineer and mechanical engineer can be arranged to help with machinery installation and commissioning. Although we can cover all salaries during the installation, we do require the buyer to be responsible for round trip flight tickets as well as accommodations for the duration of their stay.

By the way, most installations require 7-14 days, this will depend heavily on the size of the project.

We keep a healthy stock of replacement parts for our machinery at our factory. Let use know the part you need and we’ll gladly send them to you via air or ocean freight.

Our machines are generally very durable and only require routine maintenance to operate year and year. However, in the case where the machines are accidentally damaged, our engineers will guide you through the entire repair process.

We’re very prideful about the service we provide after our customers make a purchase. While the relationship we have with them start out as business, most have become close friends of our company. In fact, many have referred us to many of their friends and business associates.

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