Plastic Pelletizer For PET Flakes

As most PET bottle recycling lines are used to produce clean flakes for use directly in producing polyester staple fibre, we leave the pelletizer equipment as an optional piece in our washing line.

Our PET flakes pelletizing line is an ideal process to melt PET flakes to produce beautiful plastic pellets. This line consists of a feeder, double-screw extruder, strand pelletizer / granulator and collection silo.


Model #Screw DiameterL/DDriving MotorOutput
SHJ50⌀50.2mm24/48, 7/2037-45 KW / 30-37 KW100-150 KG/H
SHJ65⌀62.4mm24/48, 7/2055-75 KW / 37-45 KW150-200 KG/H
SHJ75⌀71mm24/48, 7/2090-110 KW / 45-55 KW200-300 KG/H
SHJ95⌀93mm24/48, 7/20132-135 KW / 55-75 KW300-500 KG/H
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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