Plastic Film Shredder Machine with Moveable Hopper

This plastic film shredder machine is ideal for cutting PP / PE plastic film, bags or any other flexible material. Depending on the condition of the raw material, the shredded plastic can be fed directly into a washing line setup. The addition of a moveable hopper allows for a jam-free experience.


The major advantage of this plastic film shredder machine include unlimited assisted feeding, high shredding efficiency, and no jamming;

The rotor is specially customized with a large rotating diameter to ensure increased surface contact to improve productivity;

The transmission is connected by a coupling to reduce vibration and to protect the main shaft and the reducer without the loss of power.

A fixed knife is equipped on the top and bottom of the main shaft. This effectively cuts the material without wrapping the shaft and results in smaller sized pieces after crushing.

The PLC electric control system is equipped with functions such as start, stop, forward rotation and automatic overload protection.




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