Extruded Plastic Pipe Shredder System

Shredding long plastic pipes and other extruded plastics can be troublesome as the pieces are long and difficult to feed into traditional plastic shredder or granulator machines. To improve the efficiency of plastic recycling plants that handle this type of material, we introduce our very own extruded plastic pipe shredder system.

This extruded plastic pipe shredder system can handle pipes up to 5 meters long with diameters up to 650 mm and an incredible capacity range from 600 kg/hr up to 2000 kg/hr.


To make feeding the long plastic pipes and tubes simple for operators, we’ve designed a horizontal feeding dock where the material can be initially loaded. As seen in our product images, a large diameter black pipe has been loaded into the feeding dock where a hydraulic arm will automatically feed it into a single-shaft plastic shredder machine.

The regrind material produced will be around 120mm x 40mm.

If you require smaller sized regrinds, simply feed these large-sized chips into our plastic granulator machine for further size reduction using a belt conveyor. This optional process reduces the regrind size to under 20mm.


Model #Rotor DiameterRotary SpeedMotor PowerCapacity
CS-600⌀600 mm60 rpm2x 37 kw1200 kg/hr
CS-800⌀800 mm46 rpm2x 45 kw2000 kg/hr
CS-1000⌀1000 mm40 rpm2x 55 kw1500 kg/hr
CS-1500⌀1500 mm30 rpm2x 75 kw2000 kg/hr
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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