Plastic Granulator Blade Sharpener Machines

plastic granulator blade sharpener machine

This automated plastic granulator sharpener is an essential machine to keep the blades of your plastic granulator machines in top shape. It offers precision sharpening of all sorts of straight edge cutting knives and blades. Keeping the granulator blades sharp is the best way to ensure the granulation process is running at full capacity.

If you are currently outsourcing the sharpening of granulator blades, owning your own blade sharpening machine is a great way to lowering your long-run operations costs.


Model #:Workbench:Die Head Speed:Total Power:Dimension:
AG-1600180*1600MM1440-1740r/min (50HZ/60HZ)6.6KW3000*1100*1300
AG-2000180*2000MM1440-1740r/min (50HZ/60HZ)6.6KW3400*1100*1300
AG-2400180*2400MM1440-1740r/min (50HZ/60HZ)6.6KW3800*1100*1300
AG-3000180*3000MM1440-1740r/min (50HZ/60HZ)6.6KW4400*1100*1300
AG-3200180*3200MM1440-1740r/min (50HZ/60HZ)6.6KW4600*1100*1300



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