Rigid Plastic Shredder Machines

An effective plastic shredder machine for processing large pieces of rigid plastics such as plastic lumps, purge from extruders, entire sheet rolls, and more.


  1. Continuous feeding with high shredding efficiency.
  2. Movable hopper allows jam-free shredding of rigid plastics.
  3. The rotor is specially customized with large rotating diameter to maximize shredding contact surface whereby improving productivity.
  4. Transmission parts are connected by coupling which reduces vibration and protects the main shaft and reducer from damage by force.
  5. Stationary knives are are placed on the top and bottom or the main shaft which effectively cuts the rigid plastic material without warping the main shaft.
  6. PLC self-programming electrical control system is equipped with functions such as start, stop, forward rotation and automatic overload protection. This fully automated plastic shredder ensures a safe and stable work environment.


Model #Rotor DiameterNumber of Rotary BladesRotating SpeedMotor PowerApprox. Output
DS-800⌀275 mm30 pcs82 rpm30 kw450 kg/hr
DS-1000⌀315 mm39 pcs82 rpm37 kw800 kg/hr
DS-1200⌀375 mm48 pcs82 rpm55 kw1200 kg/hr
DS-1500⌀400 mm57 pcs82 rpm75 kw1500 kg/hr
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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