Standard Plastic Granulator Machines

plastic granulator machine front view with conveyor

Our standard heavy-duty plastic granulator machines, sometimes called plastic crushers, are essential machines in the plastic recycling industry. These specially designed granulators are extremely durable and have the unique ability to quickly and efficiently cut various plastic streams into small uniform flakes or regrinds.

As one of our most sold type of plastic recycling machine, these granulators are packaged in many of our complete recycling solutions including our popular PET bottle washing lines, plastic film recycling lines, and more.


plastic granulator machine rotor blades 3D rendering

At the core of our plastic granulator machine is an open rotor mounted with heavy-duty knives in either a double-scissor cut or v-shape array based on your requirements. As the rotor is spun at high speeds, the rotor knives come in contact with stationary knives that are mounted within the cutting chamber. The material is continuously cut until they are small enough to pass through a screen filter.

Generally speaking, our filter screens are between 10mm to 100mm but can be customized according to your requirements.

Our standard plastic granulator houses 12 rotor and 3 stationary knives. All knives use only ultra durable D2 (equivalent to SDK11) high-carbon, high-chromium steel which ensures the longest usage times before requiring sharpening. All knives are easily adjustable with hydraulic assisted access to the cutting chamber.


This general purpose plastic granulator can be used in a variety of applications for plastic recycling including but not limited to grinding plastic bottles, films, and a variety of small rigid plastics.

For added convenience, we also offer wet plastic granulator machines that have additional rubber sealing and water inlet hose attached allowing a constant stream of water to be sprayed while the plastic is being cut. This helps clean the plastic scrap while keeping the blades cool during operation.


Model #Rotor DiameterRotor WidthRotating SpeedApprox. OutputMotor Power
SWHB600⌀450mm600mm400-600 rpm300 kg/h37KW
SWHB800⌀500mm800mm400-600 rpm600 kg/h45KW
SWHB1000⌀600mm1000mm400-600 rpm900 kg/h75KW
SWHB1200⌀700mm1200mm400-600 rpm1200 kg/h90KW
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.


Plastic recycling granulators are high-speed machines capable of cutting smaller-sized, thin plastics into flakes and fine regrinds. Due to it’s fast rotation speeds, the operator must be careful not to have hard contaminants such as metals or rocks in the input stream. Metals such as nuts and bolts will easily damage the machine including very easily chipping the cutting blades. To ensure metals are not not present, we suggest adding a magnetic suspension separator above the conveyor system.

Plastic shredder machines while also used in size reduction in plastic recycling are low-speed, more robust machines capable of cutting large pieces of plastic. They are also more forgiving with contaminants. Therefore, plastic shredders are often used to precut large pieces of plastic into smaller sizes suitable for use in plastic granulators. The granulator then further reduces the plastic into flakes or regrinds.


plastic granulator machines side view 01
plastic granulator machines side view 02
plastic granulator machines back view with control cabinet
plastic granulator blades inside cutting chamber


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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