Continuous Hot Washer System

This recently updated, advanced continuous hot washer system offers unparalleled efficiency and cleaning abilities for PET flakes, HDPE flakes and other plastic regrinds. Traditional hot washing systems are operated by batch making it slow and difficult to calculate the washer’s capacity. Our newly improved system operates continuously and extremely effective at removing oils and other stubborn contaminants from heavily soiled plastic streams with just a single wash cycle.


Plastic flakes or regrinds are stored in the hot washing tanks where they are mixed within a hot chemical bath where contaminants are partially dissolved and loosened. The specially designed rotary paddles inside spins at high speeds forcing the plastic pieces to rub against each. The friction generated helps with removing any leftover dirt on the surface including glue, mud, oil, and more.

To further improve upon the quality of your final product, attach a cold washing system directly after the hot washer.


Mixer Motor PowerDrum DiameterMaterialRotary Valve Rotating Speed
7.5KW/11KW/15KW1500mm/1800mm/2000mmSUS30450 RPM
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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