Plastic Film Screw Press Squeezer & Densifier System

A breakthrough in drying technologies for plastic film recycling, our screw-press squeezer and densifier is a low power consumption, high output system capable of reducing moisture content of washed plastic films to approximately 3 percent. In additional to plastic films, this system can also be used for drying washed non-woven bags.


This is a fully automatic squeezing & densifying machine for film and non-woven bags. The system makes use of a screw press to squeeze the plastic throughly to remove a majority of moisture. To further the drying process, the plastic is heated and densified into small granules that can be used directly in plastic extruders and pelletizers.


DimensionInlet SizeMain Motor PowerRotated SpeedCapacityDrainage MethodMaterial OutletHydraulic Station Motor
JG-5002350X900X1840mm90kw42r/min500-600kg/hDrain At The BottomFree Falling1.5-2.2kw
JG-10002350X900X1840mm160kw42r/min700-800kg/hDrain At The BottomFree Falling1.5-2.2kw
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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