Sink Float Separation Tank

Our sink float separation tank is an essential piece of equipment for washing and separating co-mingled plastic streams. It’s an efficient and effective machine commonly used in PET bottle recycling plants due to its unique ability to separate PET plastic, the plastic that makes up the bottle, from polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) plastic, the plastic that makes up the bottle caps and labels.

Our standard size tanks are between 4-6 meters long and are equipped with specially designed rotating drums to move the plastic pieces forward and into the water. This lengthy process allows the materials to properly separate and soak for longer periods resulting in a cleaner material stream.

To ensure the durability of our separation tanks, all interior walls and rotating drums are manufactured with high-quality 304 type stainless steel that is strongly resistant to both corrosion and oxidation (rust).



This apparatus uses water as the medium to separate co-mingled plastics based on densities. Water has a density of 1 g/cm3. As plastic pieces enter the separation tank, any plastic with density greater than water will sink. This heavy plastic stream collects at the bottom of the tank and exits the machine using a screw conveyor. Likewise, any material with density less than water will float and exits the machine at the top. Additives can also be added to improve the separation process.


PET Bottle Recycling

In PET bottle recycling, bottles are often first granulated whole resulting in a co-mingled stream of PET, PP, and PE plastic. Luckily, PET plastic can be easily and accurately separated from this stream using our sink float separation tank. This is because PET has a density of 1.38 g/cm3 and will quickly find its way to the bottom of the tank while the PP and PE plastic remains on top.

Plastic Film Recycling

In another example, films made from PP and PE plastic floats to the top while various contaminants such as dirt, rocks, metals, and glass sinks to the bottom where it is collected to removed via a conveyor system.

Rigid Plastic Recycling

Our sink float separation tank can also be used for separating all sort of co-mingled rigid plastics.


Interior Width:1500mm – 2000mm
Total Length:4 – 6 meters
Interior Material:Type 304 Stainless Steel
Exterior Frame:Carbon Steel
Screw Conveyor Motors:5.5KW + 3.7KW
Rotating Drum Motors:.37KW + 2.2KW
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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