Double-Shaft Plastic Shredder For PP/PE Drums & Containers

Our double-shaft plastic shredders are designed for breaking down and cutting PP / PE rigid containers, drums and pallets into small pieces. It’s a perfect addition to our standard plastic washing plants requiring larger capacities. The planetary gear on these shredders can tremendously increase torque so tough plastic waste can be shredded more easily.

At the core of the double-shaft shredder are shear blades mounted on 2 hexagonal shafts that rotate into each other producing a cutting / shredding motion. These hooked styled shear blades allowing the shredder to quietly shred high volumes of plastic waste

As our double-shaft shredders are usually placed in front of the most demanding jobs, the frame and structure of our shredders use high-thickness sheets and tubular. The shear blades are treatment strengthened and use only the highest quality SKD11 steel (D2 equivalent) to ensure against dulling. Depending the capacity you require, we offer a variety of standard double-shaft shredders for your choosing.




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