Single-Screw Plastic Pelletizing Machines

single-screw plastic pelletizing machine front view

Our state of the art single-screw plastic pelletizing machines with Heat Wave Stabilization™ produce high-quality plastic pellets through providing uniform heat distribution throughout the entire barrel length. This energy efficient pelletizer, available in both single or double stage arrangement comes standard with hydraulic assisted screen change to ensure there are no interruptions throughout each operating session.


plastic pellets

Additional technical improvements to our single-screw plastic pelletizing machines include our high-precision gear box that steadily, yet quietly drives the screw shaft moving the molten plastic in a forward motion. Our improved barrel and screw shaft uses the highest quality, specially blended steel that is strengthened using gas nitriding technology to ensure against corrosion and wear. Along the entire length of the barrel are super mute blower fans with a centralized temperature control meter and PID temperature control.

Depending on your preference on “melt pelletzing” or “strand pelletizing”, a water-ring cutter or pellets granulator with water tank can be added. To further improve automation, a vertical dewatering machine with blower to a product silo can also be implemented.

While single-screw pelletizer machines are most suitable for plastic recycling operations, we also offer twin-screw plastic pelletizing machines optimized for compounding.


Model #:Screw Diameter:L/D:Driving Motor:Output:
SJ-100⌀100mm20/3245-55 KW100-200 KG/H
SJ-120⌀120mm20/3255-75 KW100-200 KG/H
SJ-150⌀150mm20/3275-90 KW200-300 KG/H
SJ-180⌀180mm20/3290-132 KW200-400 KG/H
SJ-200⌀200mm20/32160-280 KW600-800 KG/H
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.


single-screw plastic pelletizer machine side view
plastic pelletizing machine full setup


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