PP HDPE PS Rigid Plastic Shredding Washing Recycling Line

This HDPE PP PS rigid plastic washing plant is used to clean dirty rigid plastics such as HDPE / PP bottles, lumps and or other rigid plastics. This complete recycling solution includes a heavy-duty shredder with overhead magnet, granulator, sink-float separation tank, centrifugal dryer, thermal dryer, zig zag separator and a dual-bag filling station. The resulting high-quality plastic flakes produced can be used in manufacturing plastic products again.

The capacity of this recycling system ranges from 500 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr.


Depending on the application the recycling plant may include the following equipment:

  • Feeding Conveyor Belt – presents an even material feed to the plant.
  • Shredder – shreds the material into smaller pieces for use in granulator.
  • Granulator – reduces the size further and makes the plastic stream more uniform.
  • Screw Washer – washes and transfers the material into next step.
  • Sink-Float Separation Tank – removes contamination and helps wash the material.
  • Centrifugal Dryer – dries the product by high speed rotation.
  • Thermal Dryer System – dries the material by thermal air.
  • Zig-Zag Classifier – removes labels and fine particles.
  • Bag Station – delivers the product into storage bags.
  • Electrical Panel – provides an interface for the operator to control the system.

We can custom build the whole recycling line as per your requirements.



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