Plastic Bottle Label Remover

The plastic bottle label remover is an indispensable recycling machine for PET bottle recycling that removes more than 95% of the labels from whole plastic bottles. Once the labels are removed, the bottles can be fed into the plastic granulator machine to produce a cleaner stream of PET flakes.

The successful research and development of our plastic bottle label remover is a major advancement in plastic recycling machines for how plastic bottles are recycled. Traditionally, whole plastic bottles are fed into plastic granulators with the labels attached. The resulting PET flakes are co-mingled with shredded labels and bottle caps. As the removal of these small contaminants are more difficult once the plastics are mixed, removing the plastic labels at the beginning of the recycling process is more efficient.

If you’re currently recycling plastic bottles using traditional methods, we highly recommend adding this recycling machine to improve the quality and capacity of your recycling line.


Inside the plastic bottle remover are sharp, tough, alloy jagged knives that cut and peel the labels away from the plastic bottles. These special, claw-like knives are welded by copper onto a fast rotating spindle at specific angles to push the bottles forward. As the labels are cut away, they are blown into a collection chute.

For added cleaning of the plastic bottles, we offer a wet plastic bottle label remover machine that works in a similar fashion. Instead of blowing the labels away for collection, the labels are sprayed away with water.

The knives inside this machine can be conveniently removed, sharpened, and then replaced for optimal performance.


plastic bottle label remover machine 02
plastic bottle label remover machine 01
plastic bottle label remover interior


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