Mobile Pipe Shredder

Our Mobile Pipe Shredder, specifically tailored for a customer in Saint John, Canada, represents a prime example of our commitment to providing customized, efficient recycling solutions. This shredder is specially designed to handle the unique demands of processing substantial extruded plastics and pipes, reflecting our expertise in adapting to specific customer needs.


  1. Designed for Large Pipes: This custom version of our mobile shredder effortlessly handles pipes up to 3 meters in length with a maximum diameter of 630mm. It’s an ideal solution for facilities that deal with large-scale plastic waste, ensuring efficient and effective recycling.
  2. High Processing Capacity: Like our standard model, this customized shredder maintains a high capacity, capable of processing significant amounts of material quickly and efficiently to keep up with the demands of busy recycling plants.
  3. Horizontal Feeding Dock: Equipped with a user-friendly horizontal feeding dock, the system allows for easy loading of long pipes. A hydraulic arm assists in feeding these into the shredder, ensuring smooth and continuous operation with minimal manual intervention.
  4. Optimal Size Reduction: The shredder produces regrind sizes around 120mm x 40mm. For finer processing requirements, this can be further reduced to under 20mm by passing the regrind through an additional plastic granulator machine, connected by a belt conveyor.


This shredder was developed in close collaboration with our Saint John customer to ensure it meets the specific requirements of their local operations. It combines our advanced shredding technology with mobility, allowing the unit to be moved between various sites as needed, which is particularly beneficial in the expansive geographic and varied operational areas of Canada.

Our Mobile Pipe Shredder, customized for Saint John, Canada, underscores our dedication to developing tailored solutions that boost recycling efficiency and environmental sustainability. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and custom-fit shredding solution, look no further. Let us help you enhance your recycling capabilities with our advanced, mobile shredding technology.


1. Mobile Flexibility: The mobility of this shredder offers unparalleled flexibility in deployment, significantly enhancing logistical efficiency and reducing the environmental impact associated with transporting unprocessed materials.

2. Simple Operation and Maintenance: Engineered for ease of use, the shredder ensures that operators can manage the equipment with minimal training, and maintenance is straightforward, reducing downtime and operational costs.

3. Customized for Local Conditions: Tailored to meet the demands of the Saint John area, this shredder addresses specific local recycling needs, proving our commitment to providing region-specific solutions that optimize recycling processes and sustainability.



All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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