Zig-Zag Air Classifier

Our one of a kind zig-zag air classifier separates light weight contaminants from heavier plastics and is often included in our PET bottle recycling lines. On top utilizing this machine for separation, the air classifier also does an incredible job of partially drying the material stream.

In PET bottle recycling, plastic bottles are crushed and granulated into flakes that contain PET plastic as well as contaminants such as paper and plastic labels. The zig-zag air classifier can effectively remove these containments as they are lighter in weight.



Air classifiers use air as the medium to separate lighter materials from heavier ones. A mixed material stream is dropped into a sorting chamber containing a column of raising air. As the material mixes and is blown upwards, lighter objects are blown through a top exit while heavier objects drop through the bottom exit.

In addition to PET bottle recycling, the zig-zag air classier can also be used in other applications where materials streams need to be separated by weight.


Blower Motor:5.5 KW
Rotary Valve Motor:1.5 KW
Rotary Valve Diameter:⌀270mm
Rotary Valve
Rotating Speed:
50 RPM
Cyclone Separator Volume:600 L
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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