Plastic Film Shredder Machines

Our plastic film shredder machine is an idea solution for plastic recyclers handling materials such as:

  • LDPE/LLDPE plastic films
  • Agricultural films
  • Stretch films
  • PP non-woven bags


As plastic films are extremely elastic and easily jam the hopper resulting in an inconsistent output, we have designed a moveable hopper system that resolves this. This moveable hopper system moves with the material as it is being cut resulting in a jam-free experience.

Instead of making use of a double-shaft plastic shredder to cut the plastic film which have been dubbed as the optimal machine for this purpose, we have taken a completely different approach.

By resolving the jamming issue with our moveable hopper system, using a our modified single-shaft plastic shredder is actually more efficient for cutting plastic film. This is especially true for heavily soiled materials such as agricultural films where machine maintenance is consistently required.

As plastic films attract dust and dirt that quickly dulls shear blades, the key benefit for using our single-shaft plastic shredders is its convenience and low cost for replacing the blades.


Model #Main Motor PowerRotor DiameterRotary BladesRotating SpeedApprox. Capacity
ES-80030 kw⌀300 mm32 pcs85 rpm400 kg/hr
ES-100037 kw⌀315 mm46 pcs85 rpm700 kg/hr
ES-120055 kw⌀375 mm57 pcs85 rpm1000 kg/hr
ES-150075 kw⌀400 mm64 pcs85 rpm1200 kg/hr
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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