Hot Washer System

Our traditional hot water washer is a batch-style system designed to wash away hard to remove contaminations such as glues, oils, greases, and even left-over foods/liquids. For PET bottle recycling, the hot water washing process is an essential step in producing higher priced “hot washed” PET flakes.

Our hot washer system can also be used for HDPE bottle recycling, plastic film recycling, as well as other washing applications where sterilization is required.


Unlike other hot water washers in the market today, our hot water system uses a large auger to transmit plastic flakes horizontally through a boiling water bath. This energy-efficient design makes use of added holes directly on the transmit auger which sprays hot water onto the plastic from within. A mesh screen tunnel surrounds the screw auger where contaminants fall through.


Model #:Main Motor Power:Shaft Rotation Speed:Boiler Material:Conveyor Power:Conveyor Speed:
ZG17007.5KW20 RPMType 304
Stainless Steel
3.7KW/H20-80 RPM
Frequency Controlled
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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