Extruded Plastic Granulator Machines

extruded plastic granulator machine for granulating pipes, boards, and extruded profiles.

Our specialized extruded plastic granulator machines are designed for granulating long pieces of rigid plastics for recycling such as pipes, sheets, boards, and other extruded profiles. It’s an ideal solution for crushing PP-R, PE, and PVC pipes that are difficult to insert into most plastic granulators.

Not looking to granulate long, extruded plastics? Check our our standard plastic granulator machines for granulating plastic bottles, plastic films, and other rigid plastics.


This odd shaped plastic granulator machine has an extended inlet set at a comfortable angle for operators to conveniently and safely insert long pieces of plastic for granulating. It’s robust, stepped clamping blade design inside the cutting chamber allows this granulator to break and cut hard plastic material with high tenacity.

At the core of our extended plastic granulators is an open rotor attached with extremely sturdy 9CrSi blades in a stepped array for maximum shearing strength and crushing efficiency. As the rotor spins between 480 to 650 rpm (depending on model), the rotor blades come in contact with stationary blades inside the cutting chamber resulting in the extruded plastic being continuously granulated until it is small enough to pass through a screen filter.

The removable filter screen has many holes between 8-10 mm at the bottom of the granulator. The filter is designed to be easily disassembled and assembled for easy cleaning. Once the plastic is small enough, they will fall through this screen filter and extracted to the next recycling machine using a powerful blower motor.


Model #Rotor Blade DiameterQty of Rotary BladesRotating SpeedQty of Static BladesScreen SizeCapacityMotor Power
SP300⌀300mm3640 rpm3⌀12 mm50-250 kg/h18.5 kw
SP320⌀320mm3650 rpm2⌀8 mm250-250 kg/h22 kw
SP380⌀380mm3650 rpm6⌀8 mm300-500 kg/h27.5 kw
SP400⌀400mm5500 rpm2⌀10 mm350-450 kg/h37 kw
SP630⌀630mm9480 rpm4⌀10 mm700-850 kg/h44 kw
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.


extruded plastic granulator machine back side view
plastic granulator machine robust, stepped blade design


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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