Our robust trommels are slow rotating separation machines used to remove smaller sized contaminants from a recycling stream. Although slow moving, its been proven to be highly effective in numerous applications and is often used in the plastic recycling plants as well as larger Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) that handle municipal waste.



At the core of a trommel is a large cylindrical mesh screen tunnel that rotates between 6 – 10 rotations per minute. Flaps are mounted on this interior tunnel to continuously flip the feed stock as well as guiding it in a forward motion. As the feed stock slowly moves through this large piece of separation equipment which tilted at an angle, small pieces of unwanted contamination such as broken glass falls through the mesh screen and is collected. Pieces that are larger than the mesh screen holes moves forward to the next piece of recycling machinery.

We offer a standard trommel that is 2000mm in diameter and 1200mm long with automatic brush units to keep the mesh filters clean. Our trommels use a two-wheel or four-wheel drive design and come with frequency and synchronization controls. Depending on your requirements, we can also provide trommels made to your specifications.


Main Motor Power:11KW x 2
Belt Conveyor Motor Power:3KW x 2
Trommel Length:1200mm / based on your specifications
Trommel Diameter:⌀2000mm / based on your specififcations
Tilt Angle:3 degrees
Trommel Rotating Speed:6 RPM
Belt Effective Width:1400mm
Roller Diameter:⌀250mm
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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