Friction Screw Washer

This cost-effective friction screw washer is specially designed for cleaning and transporting plastic flakes, films, and regrind materials from one machinery to another. Similar in fashion to the more powerful high-speed friction washer system, this machine makes use of friction as the primary method of cleaning and scrubbing off dirt and other potential contaminants.


Inside the friction screw washer is a rotor attached with many slanted paddles. The rotor is spun at speeds around 500-600 RPM causing the plastic stream inside to scrub against each other. All the while, water is sprayed through the filter nets resulting in soil, sand, and other contaminations being completely separated and removed.

Product Features:

  1. Works continuously.
  2. Equipped with a water inlet on the top of machine and one draining outlet at the bottom where waste water with impurities can be drained out automatically.
  3. Special water spraying design and high-speed running screw ensures the best cleaning effect.


Model #Motor PowerRotor DiameterRotor SpeedMaterial
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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