2T/hr HDPE PP Rigid Plastic Crushing and Washing Line In Swadlincote, UK

Here we’re showcasing a trial run of our 2000kg/hr HDPE PP Rigid Plastic Crushing and Washing Line, all the way in Swadlincote, UK. The customer plans to run plastic bottles, drums and trash bins into this recycling line.

Diving into the specifics, it’s a comprehensive solution including belt conveyors, wet Granulators, efficient washing and drying systems, and an innovative zig zag separator among other key components.

It begins with the Belt Conveyors, equipped with both a magnetic drum and an overhead magnet, designed to ensure that every piece of material, is captured and directed towards the granulators.

These are the wet Granulators. Why wet granulation? This method not only ensures a more efficient size reduction but also significantly reduces dust and removes contaminants. The outcome is a cleaner, higher-quality flake that sets the foundation for a superior recycled product.

The floating tank does an excellent job of soaking and cleaning the material for further processing.

The High-Speed Dryer crucial piece of equipment uses centrifugal force to effectively remove a significant amount of moisture from the plastic flakes.

This is the Hot Air Dryer, a powerhouse in the drying process. Here, the almost dry plastic flakes are exposed to a stream of hot air, which removes the last traces of moisture.

The zig-zag air classifier can effectively remove these containments as they are lighter in weight.

The silo is equipped with hydraulic lifting up and down, when one supersack is full, it can be automatically changed to another supersack.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this system so we can make a proposal for you.


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