Elastic Plastic & Rubber Shredder Machines

Plastic shredder for elastic plastics and rubbers - front side

One of the more tricky materials to cut effectively is large pieces of elastic plastics and rubbers that are very resilient to fast rotary granulator machines. While double-shaft shredders are excellent for this purpose, they are more expensive and the maintenance required is more time consuming.

To simplify your operation in handling this type of material, we introduce our three-clawed single-shaft shredder machines designed specifically to cut materials like rubber tires, silicone, and large pieces of TPE, EVA, and other rubber like plastics. This particular model starts from a capacity of 1000 kg/h and ranges up to 5000 kg/hr.


Based on our experience with working with multiple recycling plants, single-shaft plastic shredder machines offers the required robustness and the convenience of simple maintenance. As with most single-shaft shredders in the market today, this machine makes use of a hydraulic assisted drawer to push the rubber or elastic plastic material against a slow rotating rotor.

This rotor is designed specifically with 3-clawed blades attached in a staggered array to dig into large pieces of elastic materials. There are also stationary blades attached within the cutting chamber. When the rotor spins, the rotary blades come into contact with the stationary blades resulting in the material being cut.

A filter screen at the bottom of this shredder allows material that are small enough to pass through while holding larger pieces within the cutting chamber to be continuously cut. Once this material become small enough, they can pass through.


  1. Highly Resistant Hooks – the three-clawed blades are optimized for shredding geometry and are made with SKD11 or D2 equivalent steel that are highly resistant to wear.
  2. Two-Part Housing – Our two-part design allows the entire rotary shaft to be conveniently removed for maintenance.
  3. Superior Sealing – The bearings on this machine is quadruple sealed allowing it to prevent leakages even for liquids.
  4. Shock Absorbing – Our added shock absorption system efficiently protects the hydraulics from overloading.
  5. Hydraulic Drive – Our shredder makes use of a specially designed hydraulic drive offering optimal torque and performance and works amazingly in extreme conditions.


Model #Motor PowerShaft DiameterRotary SpeedCapacity
BS-100045 kw⌀450 mm55 rpm1000 kg/h
BS-2000110 kw⌀500 mm45 rpm3000 kg/h
BS-30002x 110 kw⌀550 mm40 rpm5000 kg/h
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.


Plastic shredder for elastic plastics and rubbers - back side
Plastic shredder for elastic plastics and rubbers - open
Plastic shredder for elastic plastics and rubbers - cutting chamber
Plastic shredder for elastic plastics and rubbers - interior view


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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