Wet Plastic Bottle Label Remover

wet plastic bottle label remover

Our wet plastic bottle label remover is an innovation recycling machine effective at removing more than 95% of the labels from whole plastic bottles. As this machine uses water to remove the labels, the bottles are cleaned at the same time making this an excellent option for you to improve your current or new PET bottle recycling operation.

This wet plastic bottle label remover changes how PET plastic bottles are traditionally processed for recycling. The first step in most recycling operations feed the whole plastic bottles into a plastic granulator without removing the labels. This results in PET flakes that are co-mingled with shredded labels and bottle caps. Because it is more difficult to separate the plastics once they are mixed, several machines are required.

Therefore, a better method of processing PET bottles for recycling is to remove the labels first. With a single machine, the wet plastic label remover is able to remove more than 95% of plastic label contaminants from your PET flake output stream.

Even if you are shredding plastic bottles whole now, adding this label remover will improve the quality of your PET flakes as well as increasing the capacity of your PET bottle washing line.


Inside the wet plastic bottle remover are strong, jagged knives that act like claws to cut and rip the labels away from the plastic bottles. These imported alloy knives are copper welded onto a medium spinning rotor set at specific angles to move the bottles forward.

This machine works in a similar fashion compared to our plastic bottle label remover where the cut labels are blown into a collection chute. Instead of using air to blow the labels away, our wet label remover sprays the labels away using a stream of water. This not only removes the labels but at the same time washes the bottles.

To ensure the optimal performance of this machine, the knives will need to be occasionally removed, sharpened and then replaced.


wet debaler machine front view
wet debaler side view
wet debaler interior view
removed plastic bottle labels


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