Eddy Current Separator

Our eddy current separators are key pieces of machinery for separating aluminum & other non-ferrous metals from a variety of process streams. As non-ferrous metals are generally worth more money, recovering this stream is an essential part of numerous recycling facilities throughout the world.


The basic concept of an eddy current separation is relatively simple. At the core of this equipment is a magnetic (either permanent or electromagnetic) rotor with alternating polarity spinning rapidly within a metallic drum. The alternating magnetic fields created by this process creates “eddy currents” in the non-ferrous metals that pass through. As material stream passes through these eddy currents via a conveyor, the non-ferrous metals are repelled away and collected while other materials fall off the end of the conveyor.

Our eddy current separator is being used in the removal of non-ferrous metals from municipal solid waste, auto shredding operations, glass cullet, electronic waste (WEEE), UBC reclamation, and more.


Model #:LXJ-850
Conveyor Power:1.5KW
Plastic Drum:⌀320mm x 1000mm
Belt Length:1800mm
Belt Material:PVC
Belt Speed:20-120 RPM
Inner Roter Power:5.5KW
Magnetic Rotation Drum:⌀320mm x 930mm
Surface Magnetic Flux:6000GS
*CE certification available.
*Larger, more powerful models available based on your request.



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