Advance Eddy Current Separator

Our advance eddy current separators (ECS) provide superior non-ferrous metals removal in recycled PET bottle and other regrind recycling applications. These machines can effectively remove aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and other high value metals from post-consumer PET bottles recycling streams as well as various other recyclable crushed material streams.

You will find eddy current separators to be widely used in plastic, glass, timber, foundry sand, solid waste, incinerator ash, electronic scrap, automobile shredder residue, and shredded end-of-life domestic recycling industries. Using an eddy current separator can give you a more valuable end product.


Eddy current separators are relatively simple machines that makes use of either a permanent magnetic or electromagnetic rotor. The rotor with alternating polarity spins rapidly within a metallic drum creating “eddy currents” in the non-ferrous metals that pass through. The non-ferrous metals are repelled away and collected while other materials fall off the end of the conveyor.

Besides the non-ferrous eddy current separator, using a ferromagnetic metal removal system such as our suspension magnetic separator and high intensity roller also plays a very important role in harmful magnetic particle separation.



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