Suspension Magnetic Separator

Our suspension magnetic separators are an ideal solution for recovering valuable ferrous metals while removing harmful tramp ferrous metals for downstream equipment protection.


These separators are normally mounted over the trough or belting conveyor system and longitudinally installed at the head of conveying systems or attached at discharge end mounted over a belt conveyor. As the material stream carried by the conveyor system goes under the suspended separator, the powerful magnetic forces is able to extract the tramp metals where they are conveyed to a separate location for removal.


  1. Removal of tramp iron contaminants for vital downstream crushing and grinding machines ( crushers , mills, presses, slicers) protection:
    • In coal, granite, limestone, basalt and other aggregates mineral industries
    • In sugar industry for beet / sugarcane slicers protection
  2. For increased products cleaning:
    • Cleaning of chips, shavings and other shredded materials in food, wood, ceramics, electronics, paper and metal industries.
    • Cleaning of glass cullet, rubber, plastic, tire, other recycling material streams.
    • Cleaning of alternative fuels and compost.
  3. For ferrous metal recovery:
    • Ferrous recovery in heavy duty recycling industries such as ASR, ELV, and other end-of-life domestic applications.
    • Recovery of ferrous scrap from municipal and industrial waste.
    • Removal of tramp iron from moulding sand.



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