Agricultural Film Recycling Plant – Alberta, Canada


Although towering at 1.9 meters tall and strong, our Canadian customer is probably one of the kindest person we’ve had the pleasure of working together with. We received his inquiry regarding the purchase of an agricultural film washing and pelletizing plant via our website. After discussing the proposal by e-mail for one week, he told us he was ready to place an order the week after.

While we were extremely happy about the decision, we were at the same time very surprised. The requested recycling line was quite complex and there were still details to be discussed. In the following weeks, we hammered out all the details and signed a contract for producing the machinery. We sincerely appreciate his trust and to this day, he has been recommending our products to many of his friends and business associates.


Plastic Shredder –> Plastic Granulator –> Friction Screw Washer –> Sink Float Separation Tank –> Centrifugal Dryer –> Sink Float Separation Tank #2 –> Plastic Squeezer –> Transit Silo –> Double Stage Extruder –> Pelletizer –> Dryer –> Air Blower –> Finished Product Silo

  • Project: Agricultural Film Recycling Plant
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Alberta, Canada
  • Purpose: Process heavily soiled agricultural film into polyethylene (PE) plastic pellets
  • Capacity: 500 kg/hr

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Whether you need just one piece of machinery or a complete turnkey recycling plant, let's work together for the success of your business!

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