PP PE Plastic Film Shredding, Washing, and Squeezing Recycling Line – Texas, USA


At the close of 2023, we received an inquiry from a customer in Texas, USA, regarding our PP PE film shredding, washing, and densifying line. The customer indicated a readiness to place an immediate order, provided we could ensure swift shipment of the equipment—a piece of great news indeed! We quickly set to work, crafting a detailed proposal, which we submitted within a few days. The customer was impressed with our proposal, especially appreciating the application of our densified product in chemical recycling—a burgeoning trend in the recycling of PE and PP films in the United States. Traditionally, the materials we process for densification are destined for landfills or utilized in waste-to-energy facilities for electricity generation.

Following our proposal, the customer expressed a desire to speak with our existing U.S. customers. With the latter’s consent, we facilitated the exchange of contact information. The feedback from these references was overwhelmingly positive, with our company and equipment receiving high praise. This transparency and validation significantly bolstered the customer’s confidence in proceeding with the purchase.

Remarkably, the entire transaction—from initial inquiry to closing the deal—was completed in just 7 days, marking one of the fastest closures for a major order in our company’s history.

P.S. Kevin, we’re immensely grateful for your trust in choosing us as your equipment provider. Your confidence in us is deeply appreciated.


Conveyor –> Shredder –> Granulator –> Sink Float Separation Tank –> Squeezer –> Silo

  • Project: PP PE Plastic Film Shredding, Washing, and Squeezing Recycling Line
  • Year: 2023
  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Purpose: Recover PP PE Plastic Films
  • Capacity: 1 metric ton/hr


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