PET Bottles Crushing Washing Line – Coseley, UK


In January 2022, we received an inquiry from a customer in Coseley, UK, regarding a PET bottles washing line. Despite our immediate follow-up, we initially received no response from the customer. Unexpectedly, in June of the same year, John contacted us, expressing interest in arranging a Zoom conference call to further discuss the recycling project’s specifics. This development caught us by surprise and thrilled us simultaneously.

Following a productive two-hour meeting, we quickly reached an agreement regarding the project’s price and timeline. One week after the meeting, the customer made the initial deposit, enabling us to commence the manufacturing of the recycling machinery.

P.S. We extend our heartfelt thanks to John for his initial trust and confidence. We deeply value your partnership.


Debaler –> Trommel –> Label remover –> Pre-washer –> Auto sorter –> Manual Sorting conveyor –> Granulator –> Friction screw –> Sink Float Separation Tank –> Centrifugal Dryer –> Hot washer –> Friction washer –> Sink Float Separation Tank –> Centrifugal Dryer –> Thermal dryer –> Zig zag separator –> Bagging station

  • Project: PET bottles Crushing Washing Line
  • Year: 2022
  • Location: Coseley, UK
  • Purpose: Recover PET bottles
  • Capacity: 2 metric ton/hr


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