PET Bottle Washing Recycling Line – Bali, Indonesia


Although this large-scale PET bottle washing recycling line is being commissioned in Bali, Indonesia, the customer is actually from Italy. He’s extremely friendly, loves to smile, and always brings laugher to the table even during our many business meetings. As a mechanical engineer himself, he has an amazing understanding of how machines work and did thorough due diligence when choosing our company as his recycling machine provider.

He originally wanted to purchase recycling machinery from an Italian name brand manufacturer. However, he gave us the order after visiting our plant and getting a better understanding of our factory. According to this customer, “we provide the same efficiency at half the price”.


Debaler –> Disk Separator –> PVC Auto Sorter and Color Sorter –> Label Remover — > Pre-Washer System –> Sorting Conveyor with Metal Detector –> Belt Conveyor (2 sets) –> Plastic Granulator (2 sets) –> Friction Screw Washer –> Sink Float Separation Tank –> Hot Washer System (3 sets) –> Friction Washer System –> Sink Float Separation Tank (2 sets) –> Centrifugal Dryer –> Thermal Dryer –> Air Classifier –> Finished Product Silo

  • Project: PET Bottle Washing Line
  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Purpose: Process baled PET bottles into clean, PET flakes
  • Capacity: 2 metric tons/hr



Whether you need just one piece of machinery or a complete turnkey recycling plant, let's work together for the success of your business!

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