HDPE Milk Bottle Washing Plant – Brisbane, Australia


We received this client’s phone call early Monday morning at the end of 2018. The conversation was very memorable because the customer had a heavy Australian accent and spoke extremely fast. Although we had trouble communicating at the beginning, after several meetings, we began to understand him well and was able to offer him a complete solution for recycling HDPE milk bottles.

After around six months of back and forth communication, our conversations would often start with “hello mate” and then include the word “mate” throughout. It’s amazing how cultures and languages can be shared while conducting business.

After placing an order, we successfully completed the machinery for the HDPE milk bottle washing plant within 90 days. Several of our technicians flew to Brisbane, Australia to consult on the plant’s construction and aided in its operations to ensure success.


Chain Conveyor –> Debaler –> Belt Conveyor –> Trommel –> Sorting Platform — > Belt Conveyor (2 sets) –> Granulator (2sets) –> Friction Washer System –> Sink Float Separation Tank –> Centrifugal Dryer –> Hot Dryer System –> Zig-Zag Separator –> Finished Product Silo

  • Project: HDPE Milk Bottle Washing Recycling Plant
  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Purpose: Process baled HDPE bottles into clean, HDPE flakes
  • Capacity: 2 metric tons/hr



Whether you need just one piece of machinery or a complete turnkey recycling plant, let's work together for the success of your business!

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