1000 kg/hr HDPE PP Rigid Plastics Shredding Washing Plant In WA, USA

This is a trial run of our 1000kg/hr HDPE and PP rigid plastics washing plant for a customer in WA, USA. This recycling line includes machines for de-baling, screen separating, shredding, dual-size reducing, washing and drying processes. The resulting washed rigid regrinds are then sent to the plastic extrusion machines for producing high-quality plastic pellets.

The customer plans to run plastic bottles, drums, trash bins and even drip tapes into this recycling line. Throughout this washing line, we have made the utmost effort to save on labor costs. Take the first de-baling for example, by allowing four bales to be loaded together at once, our customer is able to reduce one worker.

We are very proud to supply automatic equipment to convert waste into treasure.


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