PP, PE and HDPE Regrind Pelletizing Line in Charlotte, USA

This video is of a trial run of our 200-300 kg/hr regrinds pelletizing line for an old customer of ours in Charlotte, USA. They use this line to mainly process PP and HDPE rigid flakes, crushed flakes, regrind flakes but can be used for other plastics as well.

Features of this PP HDPE Regrinds Pelletizing Line:

  • Inverter controlled feeder, extrusion, and granulation processes.
  • Automatic feeding with spiral charger.
  • Different L/D ratios are used for different plastic materials to achieve optimal plasticization.
  • Advanced touch screen control from SIEMENS.

Advantages of the PP HDPE Regrinds Pelletizing Machine:

  • This HDPE and PP plastic regrinds pelletizing machine provides a high degree of automation with the goal of reducing labour costs while ensuring efficient processing at a high capacity.
  • The produced plastic granules are uniform, dense, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The granulation line offers consistent molding and blending effects, with a tight structure.
  • The granulation machine utilizes a cooling system that employs wind distribution and collection, as well as vibration-based separation, resulting in a high degree of automation and production efficiency.


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