1000 Kg/Hr Thermal Dryer System for Plastic Recycling Plant in the USA

This video shows the testing of our 1000 kg/hr thermal dryer system that was purchased by one of our customers in the USA. Installing a thermal dryer is an integral part of any plastic recycling process used to mechanically dry plastic flakes or regrinds. This efficient system effectively removes any remaining moisture from the surface of plastic flakes, HDPE rigids and PET or PE films. It ensures optimal moisture content levels in preparation for any subsequent processes that follow such as plastic extrusion.

Like a hair dryer, our thermal dryer system uses hot air to remove moisture from plastic materials. This system is ideally used after a high-speed dewatering process. Once complete, the plastic is generally vacuumed out and mixed with hot air and blown through a long set of stainless steel tubes that winds back and forth. As the plastic material mixes and spins around within this lengthy transport tunnel, moisture is completely dehydrated. To further dry the plastic, we suggest attaching a cyclone separation apparatus to mix in cool air which further reduces moisture. The cyclone separator is also capable of removing any dust and fines within the material stream.

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