Friction Screw Washer For Cleaning Plastic Flakes, Films, and Regrind Materials

Introducing Our Friction Screw Washer – A Smart Solution for Thorough Cleaning and Seamless Conveyance of Plastic Flakes, Films, and Regrind Materials.

At the core of our Friction Screw Washer lies an advanced rotor, featuring angled paddles. Operating at a robust speed range of 500 to 600 RPM, this rotor generates significant frictional force, prompting plastic materials to undergo rigorous scrubbing against each other.

This intense action effectively dislodges and eliminates soil, sand, and various contaminants, ensuring the plastic emerges impeccably clean and ready for further processing.

The cornerstone of our machine’s exceptional cleaning prowess is its innovative use of friction as the primary cleaning mechanism. By facilitating dynamic rubbing between plastic materials, it achieves a level of cleanliness that redefines standards within the recycling industry.

Crafted with a keen focus on both economic and environmental sustainability, the Friction Screw Washer underscores our dedication to advancing a cleaner, greener, and more efficient recycling ecosystem.

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