PP PE Plastic Film Shredding and Densifying Recycling Line

This video showcases our custom-built 1000 kg/h PP/PE plastic film shredding and densifying line, tailored specifically for a corporate client based in Florida, USA.

Our state-of-the-art processing line adeptly manages various stages, including shredding baled film, granulating, washing, and densifying.

Discover the effectiveness of our PP/PE plastic film shredding and densifying line, engineered to convert soiled PP/PE film bales into a highly compacted end product, ready for further processing into plastic granules via pelletization.

The process commences with our robust plastic shredder, which disintegrates compressed bundles of plastic films into smaller fragments. Subsequently, a wet granulator takes over, refining these pieces into fine flakes.

Following this, the sink-float tank becomes instrumental in eliminating impurities such as mud and stones, ensuring the plastic films are impeccably clean.

The ultimate and crucial phase involves our squeezer, which compresses the cleaned plastic film into irregular pellets, significantly increasing the material’s density and optimizing it for efficient recycling.

Our line boasts standard capacities ranging from 200 kg/h to 1000 kg/h, with the flexibility to tailor features to specific needs. Witness how our PP/PE plastic film shredding and densifying line is redefining standards in plastic recycling.

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