PET Bottles Crushing and Washing Line in Perth, Australia

The PET Bottles Crushing and Washing Line in Perth, Australia, is engineered for recovering PET bottles at a capacity of 3 tons per hour. The process begins with a debaler, which breaks down compacted bales of bottles. Next, a trommel removes large debris, and a label remover strips labels from the bottles. The bottles then go through a pre-washer. Contaminants are separated by an auto sorter and a manual sorting conveyor before the bottles are granulated into smaller flakes.

The flakes are processed through a friction screw and a floating separation tank to isolate heavier materials. A centrifugal dryer removes excess moisture, followed by a hot washer that thoroughly cleans the flakes. The materials are further refined with another friction washer, floating separation tank, and centrifugal dryer. The flakes are then dried in a thermal dryer and pass through a zigzag separator to remove light contaminants. Finally, the process concludes at the bagging station, where the clean, recycled PET flakes are prepared for reuse.

This advanced recycling line ensures the efficient recovery of PET bottles and produces high-quality material for future applications.

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