SJ85 Pelletizing Line for PP, PE, HDPE and ABS Regrind Plastics

Introducing our SJ85 Pelletizing Line, expertly designed to process a variety of materials including PP, PE, HDPE, and ABS regrind plastic. 

Our system is equipped with an integrated spiral loader, feeder, and main machine, all featuring an interlocking function that automates the entire feeding process. 

Controlled by a Siemens PLC system, our pelletizing line boasts high-precision automation that ensuring consistent quality output.

At the core of our pelletizing line is the specialized single-screw extruder. This extruder is custom-designed to gently melt pre-compacted materials, maximizing the preservation of material characteristics.

Featuring a hydraulic screen changer with a leak-proof sealing structure, our system ensures stable and reliable operation under high pressures.

Our fan conveying system is designed with soundproofing, noise reduction, and anti-static treatments, safeguarding the operational environment and enhancing safety.

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